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Academy of Performing Arts is a renowned dance company in Zurich and St. Gallen that specialises in different dance styles and techniques to provide young women with an educational and developmental platform in dance. PA is an all-female company.

The support programme stands for quality and is supported by professionalism and passion.

To ensure quality, PA works with the most successful national and international teachers.


The Academy exploits its links with the event and show industry to place its students in appropriate projects and provide them with valuable work experience.

This unique offering ensures that Academy graduates not only have excellent dance skills, but also practical experience at a professional level.



The Model Academy is specially designed to help models improve their skills and strengthen their performance qualities. For this purpose, PA Studios works with the largest and most renowned model agencies in Europe.


The training is designed to provide the models with all the necessary tools and techniques to optimize their appearance on the catwalk, at the casting and at the photo shoot. 


The training gives the models the opportunity to optimize their posture, mobility and expressiveness, which increases their chances of successful orders and bookings.


The program imparts valuable specialist knowledge and individual coachingg, to support the models in their development and to give them a competitive advantage on the national and international demanding fashion market.

With the Academy, PA Studios trains professional dancers and models and thus has a large network for the productions.

The close relationship with the renowned model agencies gives PA Studios a competitive advantage in Europe.

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